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Jan 14

Hiller Orthodontics Becomes First Practice Offering PROPEL® in NH

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PropelOrthodonticsHiller Orthodontics has always strived to provide the very best orthodontic treatment for our patients. We are proud to announce that our practices throughout central and northern New Hampshire now use the PROPEL® technology and we are the first practices in the state to adopt PROPEL® ! PROPEL®fast tracks” orthodontic treatments for both braces and aligner treatments. This exciting orthodontic treatment technology allows us to get most patients through treatment in about half the time. While each patient varies, many patients can now have their orthodontic treatment completed in just 3 – 12 months.

PROPEL® works with the patient’s own biology by stimulating the bone surrounding the teeth, helping the teeth to move faster and more predictably into their ideal position.  PROPEL® allows Dr. Hiller's patients to see their new smiles faster and requires fewer visits to our office.

We provide PROPEL® for traditional braces and aligner treatments and always offer new patients complimentary consultations. We would be pleased to be your orthodontist of choice and welcome you to our practice!

Jan 09

Dr. Dennis Hiller Recognized By Fellow Dental Professionals

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HillerTopDentistAs many of our patients would likely confirm, seeking public recognition is not typical of Dr. Hiller. While Dr. Hiller spends many hours each year advancing his knowledge of break-through orthodontic treatment, his reasons for doing so has remained as simple as the day he began his career; Dr. Hiller wants to be the best he can be for his patients.

Many subscribers to New Hampshire Magazine may have already seen the announcement of Dr. Hiller and Hiller Orthodontic's review. Fewer know though that this recognition is not "bought" through the magazine. The Top Dentist issue is a compiled list based upon the nomination and voting of dental professionals as peers. This is truly an honor. Hiller Orthodontics thanks its referring General Dental practices and to its patients present and former who continue to think of our practice in such high regards.

On Behalf of Hiller Orthodontics and Dr. Dennis Hiller,

Thank you!!

Nov 21

Things Kids With Braces Need To Look Out For During The Holidays

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Ever wonder why your orthodontist says you need to avoid that Halloween Candy?  Modern braces are held onto teeth with the most sophisticated bonding material available that will hold the brace on the tooth surface for the duration of treatment, yet allow easy removal once the braces are ready to come off.  What that means is, we use materials that are strong enough to last a few years, but also weak enough to come off without damaging tooth structure.  Eating hard and or sticky candies creates excessive pressure on the bracket itself, and often leads to failure of the bond.  A “broken bracket” can lead to excess treatment time because during that time the brace is not attached to the tooth, not only is the tooth not moving in the direction we would like it to, but sometimes it also goes backwards!  So in an effort to keep the time braces need to be on as short as possible, avoid those Halloween candies (they have too much sugar in them anyway…)!
Oct 10

When Should Children See An Orthodontist For Screening?

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The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist at the age of seven.  The question I commonly get asked is why seven?  The answer deals with the development of the permanent teeth and the maturation of the face.  There are certain orthodontic problems that can be corrected with minor intervention at an earlier age whereas if the same problem is present at an older age, the treatment can be more complicated.  For example, certain orthodontic procedures started early can result in less pulling of teeth and less surgery.   So it’s a good idea to be seen by an orthodontist to get an assessment of the overall dental and facial development at age seven.

Oct 01

Hiller Patients Set To Donate Candy to Troops

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Too Much Candy?

What will you do with all that candy from trick-or-treating? Donate it to “Treats for Troops”! Join us in supporting our local service men and women in the armed services. You can avoid the treats that play tricks on your teeth and get stuck in your braces while doing something special for our troops. Just drop your candy in the collection box at your school. If your school does not have a collection box, you can stop by our offices in Littleton, Laconia, Conway or Plymouth. Hiller Orthodontics will handle sending the candy overseas to our troops! Two years ago we collected more than 400lbs of candy. Let's see if we can top that!

Collection dates are Ocotber 31 - November 5th.

Thanks for supporting our Troops!

Sep 14

HIller Orthodontics Concludes Its 2012 iPad Sweepstakes

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A busy summer came to an exciting conclusion here at Hiller Orthodontics. We adopted many new patients in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and we welcomed Dr. Nick Barone to our practice to better accomodate our patients in Conway, Wolfeboro and Littleton. The exclamation mark was put on this summer though when we announced Erika Brown as our winner of our 2012 iPad Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes introduced us to over 350 new people and we were so happy to award a randomly selected prize to a local student.

For those unfamiliar, each summer we hold an iPad Contest to encourage friends, family, patients and the general public to become more familiar with Hiller Orthodontics. We have a special group of people working together at Hiller Orthodontics and we have been fortunate to help some pretty spectacular people all across northern New Hampshire and Vermont. These summer Facebook contests do a great job of connecting these people and it reminds people to keep in touch with us. To all of those who participated in our contest and invited friends to our page a sincere THANK YOU!! See you soon!

May 07

St Johnsbury Orthodontist Holds Community Sweepstakes

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HillerFBWelcome2012Hiller Orthodontics has served the northern New Hampshire communities from Littleton to Laconia for more than two decades. Most recently though, Hiller Orthodontics has expanded its service capabilities in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. "While our new facility is under rennovation this summer we are treating patients with a little extra attention and doing our best to help put patients at ease." says founder, Dr. Dennis Hiller. We had the recent pleasure of meeting many outstanding new patients at a speical patient day just last month. It really was a touching experience to answer questions but it was apparent that we had patients who were midway in treatment and they were unsure of what that might mean for them. To lighten the mood and kick off the summer, we decided now would be a great time to kickoff our annual iPad Sweepstakes. Our iPad Sweepstakes is open not just to our patients but their friends and family. We really do have a great network of relationships and it is a great honor to provide an open forum for kids and parents to see what people in other nearby towns are up to.

Our contest starts May 7th 2012 and the drawing date is August 23rd, 2012. Follow us on Facebook and enter this exciting new contest!

Apr 12

Hiller Orthodontics Expands Treatment in St. Johnsbury VT

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St. Johnsbury is a community which Hiller Orthodontics has served through a "satellite" facility for several years. On April 6th 2012, Dr. Dennis Hiller and his team made the commitment to serve St. Johnsbury and the surrounding townships as a full service office through the aquisition of Dr. Brian McClellan's orthodontic practice. While we wish Dr. McClellan well in his pursuits, this transaction really represents a win for everyone involved.

We are excited about the opportunity as it will ultimately expand our on-site treatment resources and adds convenience for our patients. We look forward to continuing the treatment of Dr. McClellan's former patients as his expertise as an orthodontist is respected and the people of St. Johnsbury and the surrounding area have always been so supporting. Former patients need not worry as they will be cared for by a great team that has worked together for some time.

Dr. Hiller and his St. Johnsbury clinical staff will begin seeing these new patients immediately and will begin conducting state-of-the-art renvoation throughout the summer. Hiller Orthodontics will be holding an "Open House" on Monday April 23rd at its present St. Johnsbury location at 161 Western Ave. to provide patients and their families an opportunity to become acquainted with us.

For St. Johnsbury hours and details on our April 23rd Open House, please call our main office at 1.888.445.5372 or email us at smiles@hillerortho.com. We hope to see you!




Mar 16

Hiller Orthodontics Prepares for Increased Invisalign Demand

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Hiller Orthodontics was pleased by its initial successe at its first Invisalign promotion held March 6th in Plymouth. The real challenge is yet to come as Dr. Hiller and staff gear up to host patient days in addition to these Invisalign event appointments as the month comes to a close. The next two events are:

Tuesday, March 20th—St. Johnsbury, VT
Thursday, March 22—Conway, NH

After more than 20 years, it is refreshing to report that this activity is not a gimmick but a sincere attempt to hep as many people as possible. Not one for the spotlight, Dr. Hiller remains steadfast in his mission to provide the highest possible level of orthodontic care to people throughout northern New Hampshire and his staff are all behind him. "The anticipated attendence of young people at our St. Johnsbury, VT location looks to be really impressive this year.", states Linda MacEachern, Practice Manager at Hiller Orthodontics. "While St. Johnsbury is quickly filling up, there are still appointments available in Conway."


Patients are reminded that If the ideal date and location do not match their schedule, any interested participants are encouraged to schedule their screening at the most compatible location for a screening and enrollment. The maintenance of treatment will be conducted at the most convenient location for the patient and the $500 discount is only applicable during an event appointment.

For those unaware of what these "Invisalign Events" are, Hiller Orthodontics will be offering orthodontic screenings and $500 off Invisalign to those who enroll in Invisalign treatment plan. If you or your child would like to building a beautiful more healthy smile, remember, Invisalign braces are not just for kids anymore. We hope to see you in St. Johnsbury or Conway this week! (888) 445-5372

Feb 21

Hiller Orthodontics Announces Invisalign Promotion

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Dr. Hiller has served the New Hampshire towns of Conway, Laconia, Littleton, Plymouth as a trusted orthodontist for more than 20 years. Now Dr. Hiller and staff are gearing up to spice their ususal family friendly orthodontic treatment up a bit further. Throughout the month of March, Hiller Orthodontics will be offering orthodontic screenings and $500 offInvisalign treatment enrollment at its locations in Conway, Laconia, Littleton, Plymouth and St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

"Improvement and beautiful smiles are not the desired qualities of pre-teens alone." explains Dr. Hiller. "We see more and more adults interersted in braces too." Invisalign is a break away from the strict brackets and wire experience many adults associate with orthodontics. It's transparent look and lower profile allow for professionals to carry on their work day and normal speaking patterns with little adjustment necessary.


Tuesday, March 6th—Plymouth, NH
Tuesday, March 20th—St. Johnsbury, VT
Thursday, March 22—Conway, NH
Monday, March 26th-Laconia, NH
Wednesday, March 28th—Littleton, NH

Look for our ads in your local paper and remember to call (888) 445-5372 to reserve an appointment. Space is limited and this promotion is sure to fill spots quickly. We hope to hear from you soon!


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