Deidre Atwood

Deidre came on board in January 2015, after completing her training for dental assisting at Seacoast Career Schools in Manchester. She is currently training to be a lab technician, as well as an orthodontic assistant. She decided to pursue a career in Orthodontics because of the change in patients from the first day they arrive, to when they complete their treatment is just extraordinary! In her spare time she loves to draw, paint, and relax with family and friends


Cory Baughman

Cory joined Hiller Orthodontics in June 2014 as an Office Administrator. As a child she received orthodontic treatment and can relate to how the patients feel. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, kayaking, and spending time with her one year old son and husband.

Renee Bossert-Mitchell

Renee joined Hiller Orthodontics in April 2015, as an Admin in the Laconia office. Renee enjoys smiling faces and teeth. When Renee is not wrangling her 2 rascally children, she is reading, knitting or writing fanfiction.


Amber Boudreau

Amber has been working as an orthodontic assistant since 2007. She works in the Conway and Littleton offices. Amber enjoys working with our patients, and doing what she can to make sure that each patient enjoys his or her time spent with us. She loves the outdoors and enjoys snowshoeing, hiking, camping, and going to the beach. Amber is always up for a good concert and won’t pass up the opportunity to travel.

Kelly Brown

Kelly joined the team at Hiller Orthodontics as an office administrator in May 2013. In November 2013 Kelly was promoted to the position of Treatment Coordinator for our St. Johnsbury and Littleton offices. She is also the Clinic Coordinator for the St. Johnsbury office. Kelly had orthodontic treatment both as a child and adult so she easily connects with patients of all ages. In her free time she enjoys kayaking, camping, skiing, hunting and cooking with her husband Russell and two daughters.

Jessica Corey

Jessica joined Hiller Orthodontics in November of 2013 as an Office Administrator. As a child, she was very self conscious of her smile which required Orthodontic Treatment.  You will now see her in our St. Johnsbury office greeting everyone with a smile. Jessica loves spending time with her husband and two daughters. When she gets the chance, she enjoys playing softball, volleyball, hiking, skiing and playing her guitar.

Jeannie Couture

Jeannie has been a lab technician with Hiller Orthodontics since 2004.  She works in our Conway office, and is dedicated to making sure that our patients receive the best, and most comfortable, care possible. Jeannie enjoys the outdoors – camping, boating, kayaking, skiing and fishing – as well as traveling to new and exciting places. When she is not busy in the Conway office, Jeannie enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially her two children, Aspen and Christian.

Pam Couture

Pam has been working with Dr. Hiller since 1988 as an orthodontic assistant. She graduated with a degree from Forsyth Dental Hygiene School and Northeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in Modern Medicine. Pam loves to work with young people while helping them to gain a brighter smile. This mom of three wonderful children and one stepchild enjoys spending time with her family. Running, hiking, camping, kayaking and skate-skiing are her passion outside of work where she and her husband, Michael, spend alone time. Pam works in the Conway, Berlin, Laconia, Wolfboro and Littleton offices.

Kayla Fifield

Kayla is a Clinical Orthodontic Assistant, and has joined Team Hiller in September 2014. She is normally seen in the Littleton, St Johnsbury, and Plymouth locations. She enjoys working in orthodontics and meeting new patients. In her free time she loves being with family and friends, camping, snowboarding and just being outdoors.


Linda Heron

Linda joined our team in April 2015, and is our Office Administrator in our Plymouth office.  She moved to Plymouth three years ago to be near her two grown children.  Linda quickly became involved in many community activities enabling her to meet many new friends.  Her pastimes are music, reading, movies and her beloved cat Mr. Kitty.  As a child Linda wore braces and her daughter did as well.  So first hand, she can relate to the patients that it is well worth the process.


Wendy Kropac

Wendy joined the Hiller Orthodontics team in December 2012 and is our Office Administrator in our Conway and Wolfeboro offices. She enjoys using her background in health insurance to help not only her fellow administrators, but patients understand the complicated issues of today’s insurance world. Outside of work, she relaxes by reading, walking, singing, dancing and spending time with any dog, especially her Dalmatian, Jezebel. Training dogs is a passion she loves to share. She also loves spending time with her two daughters and five grandchildren whenever the opportunity arises.

Linda MacEachern

Linda is the Office Manager for Hiller Orthodontics. She joined the team in May 2011. She enjoys working with the clinical staff as well as with the patients and their families. When she is out of the office she enjoys hiking, kayaking, gardening, camping and snowshoeing. She also loves spending time with family, her dog (Molly), and her 5 bunnies!

Lisa Montminy

Lisa has been working for Hiller Orthodontics since 1989.  She is orthodontic assistant and treatment coordinator. She works in Laconia, Plymouth, and Wolfoboro offices.  Her greatest reward is being able to help people smile more.  She and her husband, Paul have two daughters Linda and Ella.  Lisa loves being a mother, and spending time with her family.

Heather MacDonald

Heather has worked at Hiller Orthodontics since 2008.  She is the lab tech for the Littleton and St. Johnsbury offices. She fabricates custom, handmade orthodontic appliances in house for the patients. She enjoys working with the staff at Hiller Orthodontics. There are many different personalities and everyone has a lot to contribute to our busy office. She has two sons and a husband that keep her quite busy with sports. One of Heather’s favorite things to do is to watch a game her sons are playing in, be it hockey, basketball, baseball, or golf. She loves it all!

Sterling Gapa

Sterling is one of the newest additions to Hiller Orthodontic. Sterling took over as Office Administrator in our St. Johnsbury office in June 2015. Sterling enjoys being the first to interact with our patients and loves to make them laugh and feel welcome. Sterling believes a smile is the prettiest thing you could wear and loves watching patients’ confidence bloom throughout their treatment. When Sterling is not behind the front desk you can find her at home building blanket and pillow forts with her two boys, Bentley and Victor. To Sterling, the greatest gift and blessing in life is being a mom.

Ortho S.O.S

  • Wire Poking >

    This problem can be solved by taking a nail clipper and snipping the wire as close as possible to the brace. If you cannot clip the wire, placing some wax on it will help to keep you comfortable. Read More
  • Lost Spacer >

    If a rubber spacer falls out, take two pieces of dental floss and insert them through the spacer. Then pull on both pieces of floss to stretch the spacer back to where it belongs. Read More
  • Soreness >

    An over the counter pain reliever such as Advil or rinsing your mouth with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water can help. Read More
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