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Oct 21

Hiller Orthodontics Set Fot Its Best "Treats for Troops" Drive

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Many families may not be aware, but October has quietly become a month of healthy awareness. Millions rally behind Breast Cancer Awareness efforts each October but known to fewer people is that October is also National Orthodontic Health Month. Members of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) typically utilize this time to conduct activities that educate the public about proper oral hygiene and the preservation of a child’s orthodontic treatment during Halloween.


Striving to be anything but “typical”, Dr. Dennis Hiller and the team at Hiller Orthodontics have lead a multi-community candy drive come to be known as “Treats for Troops. Treats for Troops was created six years ago as a means to engage communities in orthodontic friendly, healthy food choices while providing something special for troops stationed both locally and abroad. Dr. Hiller feels that Treats for Troops is a real win-win situation.  “Our patients and friends can limit their intake of excessive sweets and our troops will know we are still thinking of them.  We are thrilled we can lift their spirits.”

Hiller Orthodontics has conducted the “Treats for Troops” program for over six years. With the unanimous support of northern communities like Laconia, Conway, Littleton, Plymouth, Berlin, Wolfeboro and St. Johnsbury, over 3,000 lbs. of candy have been redistributed. Last year alone more than 500 lbs. of candy was collected and redistributed. This year’s community efforts include collection bins at several local schools including Lancaster, Whitefield, Gorham, Berlin, Conway and Laconia. If you or your school would like to be a part of the Treats-for-Troops campaign or are looking for your nearest collection bin, please contact us at Hiller Orthodontics at 1-888-HILLER2.

Sep 25

Hiller Orthodontics Announces Its First-ever iPad Contest Winner

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Dr. Dennis Hiller and the Hiller Orthodontics  team have successfully concluded the clinic's first-ever iPad Giveaway contest. This groundbreaking iPad giveaway was not isolated to Dr. Hiller's patients or to his primary clinic locations in Laconia, Conway or Littleton. Rather, eligibility for entry was expanded to all living in New Hampshire and Vermont.  What made this contest special was that it was intended specifically to engage our patients, their friends and their families. Entry rules and marketing for this contest were all done by word of mouth using Facebook as the forum of choice for publishing the event.  Seeing so many people participate in such a short time really helped us to realize just how many kids and families we've helped over the years. 

Congratulations to Hillary on being the first and this year's 2011 iPad Contest winner!


Aug 30

Thank You For Sharing Your Smile

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Dr. Dennis Hiller and Patient on Debanding DayPatient referrals (The ones where you tell a family member or friend they should come see us...and they do!) have been an important part of Hiller Orthodontics’ growth and how we’ve improved the oral health and beauty of thousands of people over the years. Thanks to the enthusiastic support of great patients and host communities, our mission to help children, teens and adults discover the full potential of their smile has expanded from Conway, New Hampshire to Laconia, St Johnsbury, Vermont and beyond! 


Dr. Hiller reminds us at the office that we are not only in the fortunate position to see the results of our work first hand but also to build genuine relationships within the community and make a difference. Look for updates here at HillerOrtho.com and on our Facebook Page over the weeks to come as we are preparing to launch an all new referral game for our patients. We look forward to staying in touch and to provide a special “Thank You” to a special someone on a regular basis. Until then, keep smiling, its one thing always worth sharing!


May 18

The SmileMaker Endowment Fund Returns

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Dr. Dennis Hiller has alway kept a watchful eye on the achievements of his patients. He has also committed himself to consistent contributions within the New Hampshire and Vermont communities he serves. The SmileMaker Endowment Fund, now in its 14th year, has become a local tradition and provides an opportunity to one special individual who has demonstrated a commitment to civic service and goodwill towards others.

The Smilemaker Endowment Fund was established by Dr. Hiller in 1997 to support and recognize a young individual who, through community service, “put a smile on someone’s face”.  The endowment began as a $500 award but has grown in scope significantly since then. Now a $1,000 endowment, this award has been used as a scholarship for college, vocational school, or may be directed to any charity the recipient chooses.  It is administered by the Dollars for Scholars organization, another of Dr. Hiller’s community passions and the recipient receives all the benefits this organization provides as well.
The application deadline for the 2011 SmileMaker Endowment was April 15th. Stay tuned for press releases and blogs about this year’s winner and a checkup on previous years winners.

Contact your local Hiller Orthodontics office if you have any questions or need more information regarding the 2012 SmileMaker Endowment.

May 18

Never Too Old for a Beautiful Smile

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Adult orthodontic treatment continues to be on the rise! While orthodontic treatment is often associated with children and teenagers, our doctors have been providing amazing results for adult patients as well.

Perhaps one reason for the spike in adult treatment can be linked to the cosmetic benefits. In an age and society where looks and perception matter, evenly-aligned teeth might be the difference between getting a job, promotion or closing a business deal. Adults are choosing to invest in orthodontics and in valuing healthy living more each year.

Adults from Laconia NH to St. Johnsbury VT are pleased to find out that their teeth can move at a rate comparable to a teenager. With treatments such as invisalign, clear aligners and/or ceramic braces, you can have your teeth straightened less noticeably and more functionally then many think possible. Orthodontic treatment with Dr Hiller and his staff can be successful at any age and our working patients seem to appreciate the benefits.

Discover the power of your smile!

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