At Hiller Orthodontics, we are committed to ensuring the health and beauty of your smile extends beyond our office. That is why we offer custom mouth guards, designed to protect your teeth during sports or any activities that might put your smile at risk.

Tailored Protection for Every Athlete

Our mouth guards are customized to fit the unique contours of your mouth, offering a level of comfort and protection that generic, over-the-counter options cannot match. We start by taking a 3D scan of your teeth to ensure a perfect fit. Our mouth guards are then constructed using durable materials, offering both protection and longevity.

Benefits of Custom Mouth Guards

  • Optimal Comfort and Fit: Designed specifically for your mouth, our guards provide a secure fit, minimizing the risk of dislodgment during use.
  • Maximum Protection: Our mouth guards offer superior defense against dental injuries, cushioning your teeth from impacts that can occur in various sports.
  • Durable Quality: Made with high-quality materials, our mouth guards are built to last, offering enduring protection.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for athletes across all sports, providing essential safety whether you are on the court, field or track.

Elevate Your Game With Enhanced Safety

With a custom mouth guard from Hiller Orthodontics, you are not just protecting your smile; you are ensuring that nothing holds you back from performing your best. Our orthodontist and team is here to guide you through the simple process of getting a mouth guard that fits flawlessly, providing peace of mind every time you gear up for action.

Call us today at 888-445-5372 to schedule an appointment and learn more about custom mouth guards. We have three convenient locations in Littleton and Plymouth, New Hampshire, and St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Let Dr. Hiller help you maintain the health and aesthetics of your smile, so you can focus on excelling in your sport with confidence.

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